Chapter Six: Our Fortress Is Burning…

18 Mar

One Second: Lightning cracks and bodies roll—a shock that bursts forth from man to man to beast to man. Death is instantaneous as the brain’s wiring is reset. Bodies are already making their way to the ground.

“Whadda’ya think of this map, Steve?”

“Hard to say. Whether the Xs denote something already in place or something yet to come, we cannot know.”

“Why the hell are none of their goddamn plans written in English?!”

One Minute: I’m having fun. Just warming up—getting into the groove of these newly realized powers. Every turn of my body—every moment is the birth of a corpse. Attacks don’t have time to reach me. All are dead before they can guess that they’re in danger.

“Okay, well this X is definitely San Fransisco, and this one’s Washington D.C.; I think that one’s Houston. I don’t know the others for sure, but I’m betting they’re all major cities.”

“Their plans must involve each landmark of United States civilization. But how?”

Five Minutes: My will becomes more and more visceral, my heart colder and colder. The killing has started to feel natural—almost too easy. My enemies are no longer attacking in waves, and now carefully and tactically plot their movements. But their nerves are weak at the sight of my blood-soaked body and the carcases of their former comrades, while I am overwhelmed with confident power.

“This is why you should’ve left someone alive to interrogate.”

“It’ll be fine, don’t worry. I know a girl who knows a guy that might know something about this.”

“Wow, that sounds completely reliable.”

Thirty Minutes: I am a god of death. The survivors have lost all morale. They attack in frenzied panic and I don’t even move. I destroy them. I can’t tell which ones are pleading for mercy or trying to escape—my mounting bloodlust has reddened my eyes and all I see are targets.

“That’s it then, right? We can leave this creepy place?”

“I suppose so. I do wish that we knew what was going on out here.”

“Like I said, it’s totally a cult. I’ve seen this kinda shit on TV.”

One Hour: I stand alone over a mountain of gore. Black clouds roll on the horizon, water rushing away with the ocean of blood, lightning erupting in the sky as the gods congratulate my victory. I yell with all my might, my entire being now that of a beast who knows only how to kill.

“Jesus man, there are guts everywhere. You really overdid it, Cirno.”

“I was caught up in the moment—it couldn’t be helped. Besides, you were a big part of this.”

“Whatever. You need a shower.”


One Response to “Chapter Six: Our Fortress Is Burning…”

  1. Flak March 18, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    Freakin’ gross.

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