Structure Change

8 Apr

Note: Cirno and Purple Steve has been accepted onto Web Fiction Guide (online novels, reviews)!

From now on, CAPS will only be published once a week as opposed to twice weekly for a number of reasons. The first is that I’d like CAPS to run for at least a year—if things go according to plan then the story will end much earlier at this rate, which I don’t want. Secondly, I want to make the individual chapters longer, as well release more of them on-time, so I’ll be publishing them on Monday, giving me all week to work on them. The point of publishing twice weekly in the first place was so that I could quickly establish the base of the story, so with that now accomplished, I feel I can slow things down a bit.

Additionally, I’ve made some edits to the earlier chapters. All of Purple Steve‘s dialog is now in purple and Blue Bob‘s dialog is now in blue. Also, I didn’t do my research during chapters three and four, wherein I wrote that Cirno roared down Route 66, which I thought was the road that leads into Las Vegas. Because CAPS is supposed to begin in Nevada, and not, oh, California, this has been changed to Route 95. I apologize for the confusion (but not for the other confusions).

I guess while I’m at it I may as well spell it out for those who hadn’t yet figured it out or been told: CAPS takes place in 1998.


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